It’s Not Just a Blog.

A My Modest Mouth reader commented on one of my posts recently asking ‘what do I do‘? She asked because she saw on my TWITTER PAGE that it read “My Modest Mouth LLC”.
Yes, for all those that didn’t know, I recently filed for my LLC. My Modest Mouth is officially a company.

Fashion and Beauty Consulting. BOOM.

But why?! Other than the fact that I love what I do and want to pursue it more seriously; the fact is, it’s a smart move. Much love and respect to all my fellow bloggers. I love reading about your opinions, viewing your pictures and learning more and more from your useful tips, tutorials, and special events. But let’s be smart…let’s think big — let’s think BUSINESS.

You can’t tell me that having 13209088732 followers on your blog isn’t a clear distinction that you are valuable?!?!?!

Of course, you are! I’m all about promoting self-growth, welcoming a challenge and calling something your own.

Just take a look at the nine bloggers that collaborated on their OWN collection by MAC. Hoe-lee F%$# that is MAJOR. They were handpicked by MAC Cosmetics and bet I have the correct reason why.

Check out the post on  The Fashion Bomb to read more about the new products to launch by some of my favorite bloggers.
Trust and believe My Modest Mouth readers / Fellow Bloggers, you can go places you never imagined.
Remember, it’s NOT just a blog. Make your MARK.

So like my FAN PAGE… follow me on TWITTER

To my loving supporters…please stay abreast and join me on the journey : )

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