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Dw by Kanye West: This is NOT a Show Review.


You can check FashionBomb and for well-written runway show reviews of the debut collection for Mr. West. My post, more or less, was written to air “fist dap” Ye for his unbounded spirit and prowess as a new designer conquering corners of the square minded individuals that have yet to realize that he is more than hip-hop. Ye easily tacked on 5 gazillions more cool points in my book with his women’s wear collection. When I found out that he worked with the top movers and shakers of the fashion industry to present a quality collection, I was even more inspired -not to mention the subtle but tactful choice of the name for the collection, Dw [after late mother, Donda West] further sealed the deal for me.

I appreciate Kanye for taking this new and daring direction within his career. I’m excited to see more of his evolution as an artist, designer, and entrepreneur. People like Kanye always remind me to not only think outside of the box but to think outside of myself and what I think I’m capable of doing because the truth is -I can, we can, do anything.

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Positive people, passion, perfection and that last pinch of f*%k it.
That’s what I think it takes.

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